A summer Xamarin Forms

Quentin Lee - 16 September

This summer I decided to start writing apps using Xamarin Forms after writing all my apps in Xcode. Xamarin is a framework where you can build apps across platforms without rewriting a lot of the code.

I learned Xamarin pretty quickly. In 1 hour I already learned the basics of Xamarin. So I decided to create an app containing several utilities for mathematics and chemistry.

Programming such an app wasn't a big challenge, so I also decided to learn about the MVVM design pattern which is very easy to use in Xamarin. Using this design pattern you have a viewmodel containing the data of a view. Using binding you can connect objects of the view with properties of the viewmodel. For example you can bind a text label with a string property. Changing the string property should also change the text label text. Using this design pattern, I tried to develop my new app.

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